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Wild Child Tie-Dyes Privacy Policy
Updated 9/8/2009 v1.1.6
Wild Child Tie-Dyes takes your privacy very seriously.  Wild Child Tie-Dyes is in the business of creating and selling high quality, hand made clothing to individuals and small retailers.  Our business is NOT in the collection or distribution of mailing list, statistics, etc. The following is the Privacy Policy:
a- Wild Child collects personal information when you send us feedback or email, when you sign up for our mailing lists, and when you make purchases from us, either directly or through another vendor.
b- We will limit the information we collect to the minimum we need to conduct our business with you. This may include your name, email address, mailing address, shipping address, phone number(s), when and where we have conducted business together, feedback you give us, and certain financial information such as your payment information, etc needed for conducting our business together.
c- We may share some of this information with specific companies that we need to for conducting our business together.  Currently, these may include Paypal Corp, eBay Inc, the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. We may also combine information about you that we obtain from these companies with information we already have.
d- We may use the information we collect for the purpose of contacting you to announce up coming shows and events, new products, web site updates, and order status. If you wish not to be contacted by us for any reason, we will happily remove you from our list.
e- We will NEVER share any information we collect about you with any individual, company, or organization other than those already mentioned, for any purpose, unless required by law.
f- We try to insure the accuracy of the information we collect.  You may request at any time to review this information.  If you discover any errors, please let us know, and we will correct them as quickly and as best as we can.
g- We will gladly supply, upon request, the names and contact information of any company or organization that we have distributed your personal information to.  If we have distributed inaccurate information to any of these companies, we will try our best to supply them with corrected information, when relevant.
NOTICE: For more information about On-Line Privacy and Safety, check out the Federal Trade Commission's web site.
Mass CMR1700 Regulations
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